Pressure switch is a pressure measurement, display, intelligent digital pressure measurement and control products output, integrated control. This product is a full electronic structure, use front-end with baffle filled hydraulic resistance type pressure sensor, the output signal is composed of high precision, low drift amplifier processing, into the high precision A/D converter, the digital signals into the microprocessor can processing, through processing the signal control switch, monitoring and control of the pressure control system. Digital Air Pressure Switch is flexible to use, simple operation, easy debugging, safe and reliable. Widely used in hydropower, tap water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries, the fluid medium pressure measurement display and control.


4-digit display of the current pressure value.

 Pressure preset switch point and delay switching output

 The switch quantity can be arbitrarily set from zero to full scale

 The shell is equipped with node action light-emitting diode, easy to observe

 button adjustment and on-site settings of various parameters, easy to operate.

 2-way switch output, with a load capacity of 1.2A

 Analog output (4 ~ 20mA)



Control range: -0.1~0~100Mpa

Stability ≤ 0.2% / year

Display 4-digit LED display

Power supply range 24V ± 20%

Load capacity <24V1.2A

Protection class IP65

Ambient temperature -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

Control accuracy ≤ ± 0.5% FS

Display accuracy 0 to 80%

The display range is -1999 to 9999

Maximum power consumption <3W

Relative humidity ± 0.1% FS

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Smart digital pressure switch

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